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[There's a teenage girl in a hanbok tending a small vegetable garden near the edge of town. Lend her a hand?]
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[The last thing Zuko remembers is going to sleep after watching that horrible play. He knew that was a bad idea. And now it seems he's having a weird dream to match, because he defintely doesn't remember a town like the one he's just found himself in. He blinks, leaning against the side of a building.]
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Concerning Avatar: The Legend of Korra spoilers:

Characters from Legend of Korra are allowed in this dressing room. However, there are a few rules regarding their posts.

-If your post contains spoilers, put it behind a marked cut. Spoilers are anything that has not been shown in a trailer/shown in a release.
-Never use icons on the main post that contain spoilers, or accounts with a spoiler for a name.
-If there are spoilers in your comments always clearly mark it.

These rules will be in effect until furthur notice.

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The setting of this dressing room is a town which has elements of all four nations - one building in Earth Kingdom style, the next in Water Tribe, etc. It is on a flat plain wedged between the ocean, a forest, and great mountains, and while these areas outside the town are accessable for exploring, you can only go so far before reaching some impenetrable, invisible barrier.

That's another thing about this place - magic seems to be everywhere. Sometime the door to the tea shop will instead lead to a vast desert. It's as though the very place is alive.


A short list of rules can be found on the community's profile.


This post is also a list of tags used on this community. Tags will be added as they are required. Please post with all relevant tags, e.g. if you are posting with a genderbent Katara, use '!other - genderbend' and 'katara'


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